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Cheung Sha Wan Road Photos

Cheung Sha Wan Road in Kowloon is the real wholesale garment area for Hong Kong, unlike some places such as Granville Road which are really intended for tourists the Cheung Sha Wan Road Fashion district is really for those in the fashion trade. Here you find the showrooms of both Hong Kong and China based factories which make all types of garments.

While the shop fronts along Cheung Sha Wan Road may look like boutiques actually the majority of them are not doing retail sales at all, rather they are displaying goods for those who want to select fashion items for their own boutiques.

Boutique owners in Hong Kong and also in neighboring countries make regular trips here to stock up on the latest styles. Due to the high turnover and rapid development of the garment factories in the region it is possible to find the most up to date trends here within days sometimes of them appearing on the screen or at major shows.

Although retail sales are not the intention of most shops here some of them will accept smaller purchases such as 10 items from the same category. They do this mostly to cater to small boutiques, but individual shoppers make take advantage of this to get wholesale prices on their purchases.

As this is for trade there is typically no trying on or returning of any goods purchases on Cheung Sha Wan Road so please make your selections carefully and check your items before leaving the shops.

On the following few pages are some photographs of the shops and the street to give you some orientation and understanding of what type of shopping is done here.


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